In this Best Practices Guide we take a look at three key areas:

This guide is completely independent of the methodology, be that a waterfall or agile. While the names of deliverables can change between methodologies and organisations, the intent and content are common to any effective project.

SureS_gradientProject Governance

    • Effective governance is essential to ensure clear accountabilities and escalation procedures.
    • All members of a project should be fully up to speed with a project’s governance.

SureS_gradientProject Control Tools

    • Having the right tools in place will help you to manage and track the project, plan resources, monitor budget and provide reporting to stakeholders.
    • Project control tools help achieve quality expectations supporting issues, risks and change control procedures.

SureS_gradientProject Measures

    • Measurement starts from the beginning. If it’s not measured, how will you know whether a project is on track and whether the benefits have been realised.
    • We cover the four key measures:  date, cost, quality and scope.