Sure Budget Manual

Sure Budget works ¬†independently to any scheduling and planning activity, focussing on the principle that costs are derived from people, including their expenses, called Resources and physical assets, services, leases and licences called Purchases. High level estimates can be entered into each period until details of forecast resources and purchases are known. At the end of a reporting period, either a week or month, the resource effort recorded along with any purchase invoices and future amendments have been made, the period can be submitted, which locks that period to prevent future changes to historical data. Year to Date or Life of Project reports can be printed for your customers stakeholders and steering body. Should there be a need to amend a period already submitted an adjustment can be logged. The record will show the period where the cost should have occurred whilst recording the actual cost in the next period to submit. Alternatively it is possible to un-submit the period and adjust if needed. Forecasting project spend Manual Adjustments Reporting Project Costs Recording Actuals detailed estimates adding-resources Close Project Create Project Create Customer Register for an account Click on the process diagram or the top right grey burger menu Burger menu icon¬†icon to navigate. Changes to projects can occur, such as changes to schedule, budget, costs and contingency. It is also possible that reporting and managing a project may change during the project lifecycle, including changes to reporting frequency and changes from running life of the project to year to date and vice versa. Either way Sure Budget will work with you adapting instantly, and for specialised reporting needs data can be extracted to text file (CSV) for use in off line spreadsheets.